Flows stop working until I deploy, work for a few mins and then I need to deploy again

I have Node-RED on a Pi. I get myself into a situation where I need to move a node and then re-deploy in order to get the automations working again. They then work for a few minutes until the Node-RED automations stop again and I need to click ‘Deploy’ again in order to get the automations going again.

Previously this has gone away after a reboot but i’m currently in this state (post reboot) so thought someone might have had the same situation or could guide me on how to diagnose?

If this isn’t something someone else has experienced, my question is, how do I diagnose this?

Other people have had similar situations.

The flow is stuck in a loop and is choking itself.

Go into a terminal (cli) and stop Node-red.

cd ~/.node-red

Then start it again.


Watch the scrolling and see if you can see something repeatedly happening.

If you don't understand the log output after following @Trying_to_learn's advice, copy/paste the full output here please.

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