I've lost control of Node Red, how can I control it back?


Hi, I've latest firefox, Java, RAM is ok, internet and connection ok, all is fine.
I think I've mad a mistake in my flow, maybe recursive messages are looping, I was very careful but it can happen I made mistake, when I open node red in browser is very slow, and I can't open anynode more.
I've no msg debug connected, it should be a loop. I reboot Rasberry and my PC but didn't help. Now I can't interact more with flow and try to solve, it freezes when pen the node, and also I can't ore browse othr sites since ssems Firefox waiting for it.
Thank you for help



The recommendation from another thread in the forum:

start node-red with new blank flow node-red newflow.json

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I've an automatic inject at 100ms, I download the flow.json file and change it every 100s, now it's slight better but I've lot of difficulties..



if you start with a new flow as suggested you can then import your old flow and change it before deploying

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ok thanks, would be lovely to introduce a button to stop Flow from the board, if necessary, thanks.
Just reporting you that when the flow is complex it is not recomended to use 0,1 seconds, I haven't loops, just that was enough to freeze Node red



In next release (0.20) there will be a command line option --safe that will start Node-RED but without running the flow - so you can edit it in place before deploying, so you can fix this sort of thing.

(0.1 seconds can be ok - depending on the hardware you are running on and the complexity of the flow being run).