Node red keep restarting


My node-red keep restarting and i can't open it to copy all the flows. Is there a way to get the flows from terminal.

Thank you.

Yes, please read the docs to understand where everything is.

If you want some help though, you should start by sharing what platform you are on, what versions of your OS, Node.JS, npm and Node-RED you are using and share any errors seen in the Node-RED log.

I had the same issue of NR kept restarting. This happened after an upgrade of a remote component causing the NR flow to fail.

  1. log into NR via SSH
  2. Stop NR (Node-red-stop)
  3. go to the user folder (cd ~/.node-red)
  4. there should be a file with your flows in this folder (e.g. nodered_flows.json)
  5. edit the file (e.g. nano nodered_flows.json)
  6. search for enabled .. this will show you the enabled flows and tabs
  7. if you know what flow or tab is failing than set "enabled : false" ... alternatively you can "enable:false" all your tabs
  8. save the modification
  9. restart NR (node-red-start)

Now you NR should start again. If you have disabled all your tabs than none of your flows will be executed and you can enabled them individually.

The above steps helped me now several times whenever I had a flow causing NR to permanently restart. I hope it helps you too.

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actually it's "disabled": true, or "disabled": false,

Yes, that's correct... thanks for the update