Temporary flow working stops or deploy stalling until pressing the enter key in log window

Hi. I'm doing my small project. I have used Tcp-In node to connect aduino33 IOT with wifi.
sometimes when econnreset error occurs then node-red flow stops until I press enter key manually in log window. Also when i deploy flows, it just stop and stalling the operation until pressing enter key manually in log window.

Anyone help me ? What actually means pressing enter-key in log windows?
After pressing enter-key, node-red is doing suspended job right away and i can see log message.

What hardware/OS are you running node-red on?
How are you starting node-red?
Which log window are you hitting enter in?

OS : window10, Node version : 14.17.4
I'm using command prompt in window and type node-red to get started.

That is very odd. I think you will need someone who knows about node-red on Windows to comment.

Are you sure it never continues if you do not hit enter?

yes. I'm sure. never come back without pressing enter-key.
I've been experiencing this for a week so I checked what I could do and I know...
Now just putting only "tcp-in node" in workspace and repeating deploy with different time gap,
Same problem happens now.

How long have you waited?

May not be the answer but...

If you have Quick Edit mode set on your console, clicking in the black space pauses a script.

When you switch to console to look at it - avoid clicking anything but the title bar (or disable quick edit)

I think usually over 5 min....
I will try to reinstall or change node version and move this flow to raspberry pi.. Thanks a lot.

Give it 10 mins to make sure it is not a network timeout of some sort.

Which version of node-red are you using? Also did you see Steve's post. The safest way to check if it is this is to shrink the windows and get the terminal and node-red both on screen at once. Then you do not need to switch windows. You can then check in the browser by repeatedly deploying whether anything is hung.

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