Raspbian node-red stop job is running


Having weird issues, while troubleshooting I'm rebooting/shutting down the pi a lot and I notice it "hangs" for almost 2 minutes with this "A stop job is running for node-red graphical event wiring tool" and some kind of "timer" being displayed, but the text doesn't get displayed correctly

I usually don't have a monitor attached, but I don't ever recall it taking anything close to 2 minutes to reboot (no GUI)



That can be caused by a network hang. Does your flow connect to any network devices that might have a connection problem?



I have the node-red implemented ftp server, a node-red editor window in a browser on my desktop computer and a couple of samba shares. I closed the samba shares before shutdown and it still took minutes to shutdown. I don't see the node-red stop job message every time.



If you stop node red first is the hang in the stopping of node red or in the system shutdown?



Good suggestion, I'll try it next time I shut it down, but it will be awhile as so far it looked like my troubleshooting was successful, its back in the closet running headless.

The slow shutdown is a different issue uncovered while troubleshooting, not a high priority at the moment, but at the time of the original post I thought it might have been related.