Force disconnection of TCP connection

that is the in/out/reply pair... this is about the request node...

edit: hmm starting back at the start .. indeed it is about both... so more extensive fix needed... doh.

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@cymplecy - so in your case it's the in/reply pair. If we let msg.reset === true (and you already set or not) then if we kill the connection (so no reply can be sent, ie any payload will be dropped) - and also the client is then free to reconnect if it wants.... presumably that is ok.

Sounds good :slight_smile:

PR - updated - thanks all for the good discussion.


  • request node
    msg.reset = true; - resets all connections;.
    msg.reset = "host:port"; - just resets that specified connection.

  • Out node in reply mode
    msg.reset = true; and no - resets all clients;
    msg.reset = true; and is set - resets specified client.


Just copied your PR into an instance and it does what it says on the packet - pun intended :slight_smile:

It force closed my MQTT connection

And then when the MQTT client tried to reconnect - it did so.

And then when I tried to force disconnect again - it didn't work - which was right because I was using the 1st value in my inject node :slight_smile:

updated to new and it disconnected again :slight_smile:


[edit]Additionally - made another connection from MQTT Explorer and then sent the disconnect to it with its and it disconnected but my other connection stayed up :slight_smile:


That's great to hear. Thanks for the validation.

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Could I some more please....

...cough websocket node as well

.....runs away VERY quickly......


too late - it's past gin o'clock... (in this house)


Let's not start this again! :smile:

Hey - it's Friday ! just a fact...

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Dang I have to wait another couple hours again!

If its passed 10AM - your fine :smile:

Liquid Brunch!

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