How can I force MQTT disconnect and reconnect on Deploy

I've had a weird "cold start" vs. "warm start" problem that has bothered me for a long time, but I think I may have finally tracked it down.

It looks like if I deploy my flow the MQTT connection remains and the Retained QOS 2 status messages don't get updated until they are changed.

Is there a way to force a disconnect and reconnect when a running flow is deployed?

The easiest way is to do a Restart Flows from the Deploy button. Otherwise the MQTT config node will only get restarted if the config node is edited.

Thanks, that makes sense, I guess I haven't appreciated the subtleties of the multiple deploy options. I just click it get the "full" deploy I presume.

But I was hoping there was maybe a way to just force a disconnect/reconnect on a single MQTT input node. I've tried to minimize the need for QOS 2 and retained messages, so I end up with multiple MQTT input nodes both to the same server and to different servers.

It is the broker node inside the mqtt node that needs to be restarted. The one where you configure the server and port. You should generally only have one of those for all the mqtt nodes that access that broker. I don't know whether changing its name would force a restart. If it did then all the associated input nodes would be refreshed.

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