MQTT connection breaks when deploying, re-established when deploying again

I have a simple MQTT-IN, with a function behind it. So far everything works as well.

But when I change the function and deploy everything, the MQTT connection breaks and does not come back.

If I now change the function again (even if it is only an inserted space), deploy everything again, so the connection is re-established.

MQTT connection is Qs0, no TLS etc.

Any idea what this could be due to (current NodeRed version) or where I could look further?

After searching a little bit deeper I found the following:

MQTT not reconnecting on edit if only only one mqtt node using the config node #3927

This is a known bug and already fixed (hopefully will be released in the next version)

After adding a second MQTT node it is working as expected, MQTT connection is stable after deploying


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