FoxEss PV inverter integration

I am looking for example integration of FoxEss photovoltaic inverter. Any recommendation?

Is it possible to use below HA integration in node red?

Without knowing more about the inverter itself besides what's on the GitHub page, I would imagine you could. Anything that is Javascript or has some API written for it can be used with NR. The trick is to figure out what integration you can understand and work with the easiest. But I would imagine you're not very limited in this regard with this inverter. While I can't speak to the inverter itself, I haven't found anything I couldn't interface with in some degree or other. Dig through the manuals (there won't be many here who can help with this specific setup) and play around until a node doesn't seem to work like it should. We can help with that really well. And just run with it otherwise.

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