Software for cheap hybrid photovoltaic inverter

For those who have bought a cheap hybrid photovoltaic inverter like me,

( There are several brands with the same motherboard )
You have probably been bothered by the lack of software to manage your installation in a more elaborate way than going to see the small LCD screen of the device.
Thanks to Node Red and the people on this forum, I was able to write this software without being a programmer. I think that was the goal of the designers of NR. It is achieved! My software allows to retrieve the values but also to modify in live the important parameters of the inverter :boom:
One of the very interesting parts was to understand the protocol of the inverter used via the serial port. Implementing it then via the serial node was relatively easy. (I love CRC calculations)
The calculation of kWh was very easy through the node-red-contrib-watt2kwh.
I also made sure that the software can be used from outside via MQTT topics.

:champagne: Now it's time for me to thank you, so I decided to share this software for free with everyone
It is in French, but it is very simple to understand and has few texts.
Only data, graph and actions !
I created a website (I hope that the English part of the site will work well) and a YouTube channel to accompany the sharing of information as well as support and improvements.

I will ask the development pros to be lenient, because I am an amateur and not a company.
I hope my project will be useful to some people and may the sun appear in the sky :high_brightness:

Here are some screenshots below: