My video about the use of a 4-way zigbee switch, a zigbee2mqtt gateway, Node Red and a hybrid inverter

I wanted to share a demo about the use of a 4-way zigbee switch, a zigbee2mqtt gateway, Node Red and a hybrid inverter.
A telling example of what can be done with NR without any real programming knowledge.
The wish of NR's developers is fulfilled ! Thanks to them.
This may be of interest to those who do solar.
My inverter is delivered without control software, it is very cheap, that explains maybe why there is no software.
The goal today is to modify the parameter 01 via MQTT, this one acts essentially on the fact of using the network 230V GRID or to put itself in Off Grid mode, thus completely autonomous, full solar.
This time not via the interface of my software, but via buttons immediately accessible physically on the wall.
This is very useful to adapt to light conditions which can be changing and unstable and requires a simple and effective human reaction.
Note that no data leaves the house. This is still important to me.
The 2 minutes video is here. I'm sorry, it's in French, I don't speak English, well I don't dare.
I think it is still understandable with the images :woozy_face:
I hope this kind of demo interests you.



What device is the switch unit?
Is it mechanical buttons or touch?
I can't watch the video at the moment as my broadband is down and I have limited mobile allowance.

Hello Colin,
It's a mechanical buttons. The pressure on the button is very soft and light. This is a Tuya ZigBee device.
Here the link to aliexpress to find it

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Is there a typo in the link? It doesn't work (and doesn't look right).

you are right, I modified it

Great, many thanks.