FR: Duplicate node selection & Duplicate with wires

Hey team,
It would be awesome if we had keyboard shortcuts for:

  1. Duplicate node selection - This is the same as copy, then paste, but a single action.

  2. Duplicate node selection (with wires) - This would be the same as above, but would 'paste' a copy of the selected node(s) with their wires still attached. This would be a huge time-saver.

All the best,

Is it too difficult to press CTRL+C CTRL+V?

That is already what happens. Am I missing something?

It isn't necessarily about difficultly - have a duplicate selection option is actually fairly common.

@Steve-Mcl I think the subtle difference here is how wires that join a selected node to an unselected node are handled.

If you have an Inject + Debug node wired together. If you select both, copy and paste, you get a new pair of nodes that are wired together.

If you select just the Debug node and copy/paste - you get a copy of the Debug node but it is not wired to the Inject node.

The proposal here, I believe, is to have an action that will duplicate the Debug node, as well as the wire to the Inject node.

Adding a Duplicate Selection action will be simple to do - its between 1 and 3 lines of code depending how verbose I chose to write it.

Adding a Duplicate With Wires action will be a bit more work, including coming up with the right name. It needs to have a sensible name that makes it clear what it does.... suggestions on a postcard please.

Yes, Nick's got it in one.

Duplicate Node(s) or Duplicate Selected Node(s) seems right to me.
Perhaps Duplicate Node(s) with All Wires? or "with Leading Wires"?

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