[FR / PR] Click on id in debug panel highlights node or flow

No need to get personal.

From your own posts:

So it checks every property of type string (though you are proposing that only happens when the output is expanded).

It is still unnecessary.

If you have a code change to propose, please do raise it in a pr.

We can then review the specifics and consider any issues related to the actual working implementation.

It just seems more elegant if the editor knows from the fieldname, let's say msg._backlinks[], that it contains the id of a different item in the flows file.
In the same way the editor knows that the property wires[ ] in the flow contains ids of other flow items.

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Done! :tada:

I welcome the review!

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I'm still confused as to how/why/what with this PR

Will the PR cause every debug message in the sidebar to have a monitoring property?

No way! :slight_smile: Using the monitoring property was just to give an example of how this looks like.

The goal is that if there's a string in a debug message that represents the id of a node/flow (and it doesn't matter where this string / id comes from), you may click on this string and get a visual identification around the node/flow(tab) represented by this id / string.

Are you aware there's a similar feature (already present) for numbers? Just click on any number in the debug panel...

I'll have a sleep and see if it makes sense to me in the morning :slight_smile: