Fresh install with nodes not properly configured

Anyone aware of any bugs Installing Node-Red from the the script provided on the Raspberry Pi installation page?
A fresh install of Raspian Stretch Lite and running the installation script results in many nodes "not properly configured" - highlighted b the red triangle tag.
Every conceivable update of the OS, firmware, npm, etc. has no effect.
This is after a brand new OS and Node-Red install (so no pre-existing outdated nodes to speak of).

not aware of any . Which red triangle ? If it's when you drag a node on it means you then need to configure it. for example
Or is there something else ?

Thanks dceejay. Referring to fully-configured and (surprisingly) functional nodes, eg. email-in
Checked complete manual replication of configs from other installations, (importantly NOT imported flows). Still receive improper configuration warning. Also an available update in the pallet manager which fails, and no option to delete. If I wasn't obsessively orderly then it would be easier to ignore. Nonetheless I will persist, and hope that future npm or node-red updates will propagate through and fix.

Can you share some of the errors ? If you have copied things over did you also copy over the credentials ?

So the Email node was updated, but the new version requires nodejsv8.
What version of Node-RED and nodejs are you running?
If you are running v8+ you can install it on the command line following the instruction in the nodes readme. Node-RED will then pick this one up in preference to the older version of the Email node that is globally installed that is required for compatibility with older versions of nodejs.

Or you could wait a week, Nick has suggested that the release of v0.20 is soon. This will drop support for previous versions of nodejs and the issue with the email node will go away.

Thanks ukmoose. Thats what I was hoping to hear. Can confirm ... latest Node Red, latest NodeJS, latest npm and completely fresh install on RPi 3B. I'll wait in hope.

It is only if you need to update the email node that there is a problem. A fresh install with node-red added should work as is, with the older email node automatically installed.

When we ask for what versions you are running “latest” doesn’t help very much there are at least 3 different versions of nodejs that are in support and 2 which in different situations could be considered latest. That’s one of the reasons that’s node-RED lists the version on startup so it’s easy to find

I'd recommend starting again but do not update anything so that you have a known repeatable config - just use the standard NodeRED install script - try something out that's currently failing and see what happens