From mqtt TO Firestore

Hi all,
i have a problem to send data from mqtt to firestore.
Iam using the pallett "nore-red-contrib-cloud-firestore"

I always got the following error and searching the web was not helpful.

"Error: Firebase app named "" already exists. This means you called initializeApp() more than once with the same app name as the second argument. Make sure you provide a unique name every time you call initializeApp()."

What i did:

  1. Set the AdminNode with JSON in the configuration bar
  2. create a node where collection is "sensors" and document is "value" (both doesn´t exists in firestore) i want to create if not available.
  3. I add a mqtt publish in front of the firabase node

Is there something i missed or did wrong?

Since no one has responded, might I suggest check thru the issues (open and closed) it it's GitHub page

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