Sending data to Firestore using MQTT

Hi, I am trying to send data from Ubidots using MQTT to Firestore. I manage to send the data but it doesn't the way I wanted because I want to send it to specify field and I want the data update in real time. Any ideas? I'm new to red node.

I read it the document about Firestore write but I didn't get it that some actions need special handling:

Here is my flow

Firestore db. It will store value either 0 or 1

Add you flow here please read the following post How to share code or flow json before posting. Also include an example of teh data you are receiving via MQTT and what you want to store

Oh, sorry. I will update my post

Hi mustaqim,
why did you not opt ​​for the real-time database of firebase? I think this is easier to approach. By the way, which settings did you use with the firestore write node?