From Particle Photon to Node-RED

Hi there. So im using node red for my product design class and im basically brand new to it. Im trying to make a chart of values that are being generated by a particle photon. This will be a leader board for a game. What i want to happen is that every time the event "score" happens (the game concluded and it recorded the score) i want to put the new variable "count" into a bar chart (count is the recorded score). How would i go about this if the event then happens then chart the variable thing? i want the chart to display only the highest values that have been recorded but thats priority 2.

Hi. Interesting project.

What you're asking is perfectly possible (all of it and more) but preparing the data for viewing in a chart is something many find challenging. I.e. formatting the data, concept of JSON/is objects and more.

I would spend 30 mins watching this playlist before moving forwards. It has many useful tips that will ease the development of this.

Let us know how you get on.

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