FTP - cleartext session << problem

I've revisited a NR-flow that uploads a photo from a RPi-camera to a remote server on my ISP.
I had the flow working fine some months ago - but now it gives this error message.
Here's a simple test flow, using node-red-contrib-ftp, to show the error message.

Has anyone any ideas how I can sort it out?

Someone suggested (on the internet) it was to do with security upgrades related to TLS 1.2



Ah, no Dave, I don't think we can help with that because the message is absolutely correct and you should not have been using FTP over the Internet.

FTP happens in clear text including the login which means that anyone (more likely anybot) who has intercepted your traffic has your login details as well as any data.

You should be using SCP (file transfer over SSH), SFTP or FTPS. All of which are fully encrypted. SFTP and FTPS both use TLS encryption and while it doesn't necessarily have to be v1.2, that is sensible. Note the that cipher's for TLS are separate to the version. Generally, you won't have to worry about the cipher being used.

Thanks Julian - I'll try the other nodes, although it's really weird as it was working fine a year ago.
I suspect my ISP has tightened things up.

And good for you that they have tightened up. Though in reality I expect they haven't done any such thing but rather that this is the result of a system update. :slight_smile:

Please remember to change your password once you switched to a secure connection - just in case.