FTP node error "Non-anonymous sessions must use encryption"


I'm trying to put a file from a local windows machine to an FTP site. I'm using the 'node-red-contrib-ftp
' module.

I have setup the username and password correctly and I've confirmed with filezilla that I can connect from the local computer to the FTP site.

However, when I try to put using node-red it gives me an error "Non-anonymous sessions must use encryption"

I see a data connection encryption check box, I check it and update but doesn't seem to stick when I deploy.

Any idea's what I need to change?

I know my creds are correct and I am using port 21.


Which FTP node are you using?

Have you tried others?

I am using the 'https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-ftp' node

Also, I was able to fix it by editing the script,

I changed the default to true.

      'host': n.host || 'localhost',
      'port': n.port || 21,
      'secure': n.secure || false,


      'host': n.host || 'localhost',
      'port': n.port || 21,
      'secure': n.secure || true,

and it started to work now.

If you are using plain FTP (not SFTP or FTPS) then the message is giving you a very important clue. That's so say that you will be sending your ID and Password in clear text to the server.

This may not be a big problem on a private home network but it is a massive problem over a public network and the Internet.

It would also be a big problem in an enterprise environment.

Also, you would want to make absolutely certain that you do not use the same password anywhere else - ever. (Good practice anyway of course).

@TotallyInformation Thank you for the information, this is just to update somethings on a FTP site. I understand the risks of it but the third party I am working with have it set up that way.

That being said, this is not sensitive information at all. Just some updates in a CSV file.

You should also raise an issue against that node if you can as it’s obviously not handling that input option parameter correctly. ( it’s probably a true vs “true” (I’m guessing))

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Will notify them about the issue. You are probably correct about true vs "true".

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