FTP node, activity log? is that something that is available?

I was trying to use the FTP node and check if there was a way I can track if the file has been sent or if it failed. Is this a possibility? Thanks in advance.

did you connect a debug node ? It should provide you output once done.


the FTP node

are you referring to? https://flows.nodered.org/?term=ftp&num_pages=1

If you are asking a question about a specific node it is advisable to list the full name...

As well as the debug node I would also try wiring up the catch node and the status to a debug node, on the same tab as "the FTP" node and see what they give.

Thank you @bakman2 and @ukmoose for the reply.

Sorry about the late reply, I was trying a few different nodes. I tried both, node-red-contrib-sftp and
node-red-contrib-ftp and I see a status on the node that says success when I transfer something, is there a way I can access that status? make sure it was a success before I move to the next file?

Thank you in advance.

That's what the Status node is for.

So have you tried wiring up the nodes as suggested?

I just tried the status node like you suggested and node-red-contrib-sftp had a node status that I could use. I am trying to back up a file once the file transfer is completed and move it to a different location Locally. I used the node-red-contrib-fs-ops node to move the files.

I am still trying to figure out the best way to check if the status was 'Success' and then move the file to the local folder or if the connection was timed out/file transfer failed to be notified by email.

It is a work in progress.

Thank you for the help.