Ftp node send multiple files


I have a question about the ftp node.

Is there a way to send all files from the local folder to the ftp server?

If so, which ftp node do you use for this?

I have had little success with any of the ftp nodes, so I use an exec node to use command line ftp commands to do what I need.

Do you have an example of this?

What don't you know how to do? Use an exec node or use command line ftp commands? If it is the latter then your favourite search engine will help you.

I need an FTP put. in which I transfer all files from the local to the target FTP server.

Or just via exec.
But I don't know much about exec.

I can transfer a file with ftp-node. Unfortunately I didn't find anything in the search that I could use to transfer them all.

Sorry for my bad English, google helps me.

There are nodes that will do a directory listing for you, I don't remember the names, but a search on the node red flows site should find them.


yes, I have the file list node. (fs-file-lister)

The files that are available are also shown to me.

That's not the problem.

The problem is that I don't know how to send all files to the ftp server at once.

This is what the folder looks like, for example.

And is it possible to send all files to the FTP server with one exec command

Test 2

What is the FTP server? Is that the only means of transferring files?

test ftp 2

Sending 1 file is no problem.

But all files in the folder!?!

and the problem is that the files have a timestamp.

otherwise I could work with the name

I'll ask again.

What is the FTP server? Is FTP the only option?

Yes FTP is the only option,
ftp server = Easy FTP Server on windows system

So if it is a windows box, can you not simply do file transfer via CIFS or windows shares?

Or can you not install node-red on the windows box?

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no, unfortunately not possible.

User wants to have the transfer via FTP. omg

Why can't you send them one at a time?

fs-file-lister will give you a message for each file in the folder. Pass each of those to the ftp node to transfer them one at a time.

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just wanted to let you know it's working.

I have now done it like this:

read with the file lister.
then I pass the FTP upload file by file.

I delete the transferred files.
then I query again with fs.
Until the folder is empty
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