Function Editor missing highlights and snippet/keyword

Hello everybody!
I start to use node-red at home after using a Loytec DALI contreller (which integrate a full node-red deployment) in one job for my company.
Inside the Loytec controller I see that editing the javascript code (in a function node for example) the editor suggest me all the snippet/keyword automatically while typing; the same is not working in my home deployment (v2.2.2). From last night I also noted that all the keywords are not highlighted anymore.

In light theme the loytec controller, in dark theme my home deployment

Thanks to everyone

The dark one is the old ACE editor. Open your settings.js file & change the entry codeEditor from "ACE" to "MONACO" & restart node-red, refresh browser.

Beautiful!!!, thank you so much, I was struggling how to solve it :sweat_smile:


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