Syntax Highlighting gone


as i opened my first function node today, i realized that the javascript highlighting was gone.
Its like there no syntax detection. no automatic "",() and so on.

Is there a way to get it back ?


If node red is not running in the background and the browser is already open, you will still see node-red editor but the necessary files will not be served. Refresh your browser and check that node-red is actually running.

Also are you using ace or Monaco?

Lastly, could you check the browser's console for errors?

Hi there,
after the next Restart the problem was gone.

Thank You!

Would have been useful to answer the questions (to understand the issue and whether there is a fix we need to implement)

Nevermind, glad you're up and running.

I am not using ace or Monaco.
I didnt check the browser console for errors at that time, can not say if there was an entry. Sorry

You will definitely be using one or the other. The text editor inside a function node will be either ACE or Monaco

Also, you didn't say if node-red had stopped/crashed.

As i remember the Node Red hasnt stopped/crashed.
How do i find out which editor is active? If ace is standard i would say its ace.

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