Function node Test whether a value is boolean or not

It's getting late and I'm having a brain freeze.

I have a payload which is either boolean true or false. However, sometimes the request times out and an error code is returned as payload which is a negative integer. I'm trying to write a one line if clause in my function node to process the boolean value but not enter the clause if the value is non-integer.

I think
if (msg.payload == true || msg.payload == false) // value is boolean
do some processing
// the evaluation of true or false failed and the processing did not happen

should work but is there a way of doing something like:
if (msg.payload || !msg.payload) // value is boolean
do some processing

to evaluate the payload as true or false?

Not explaining to well, but any help would be appreciated. Ta

Just use a switch node ?

How about?

if ("boolean" === typeof msg.payload) {  // value is boolean

You can also use typeof to check if a value is a number. MDN is helpful here.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I'm trying to use a function node as there are quite a few things I need to process, but thanks anyway.

Code to test for Boolean or number. Perfect. Thanks.

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That would have worked if you had used triple =
if (msg.payload === true || msg.payload === false)
That tells javascript to test for exactly those values. Otherwise it will do type conversion to test it.

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