General observations about the forum

Having been in IT since when we chiseled on rocks I have seen the internet invented and grow. Basically being a hardware guy my exposure to programming was limited to making sure it ran on the hardware and yelling at developers when it didn't. During that time I have watched so called support forums come and go and generally been disappointed at most due to the "experts" derisive comments at basic questions from totally new users who really are trying to learn.
To that point I have been most impressed with the tolerance and gentle handling I have seen in this particular forum. Even when chastising new users I have been impressed with the restraint and helpful nudges to sometimes frustrated users who post biting comments usually out of sheer desperation.
I wish to congratulate and thank those experienced and proficient people who do take their time to patiently explain to noobs what they are doing wrong without tearing them to pieces like a pit bull on a poodle. Please continue as it is really refreshing to find this type of help.
Thank you


I concur, I have left many forums (Forii :slight_smile: ) because of the "experts" and aggresive comments.

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Indeed - I'm a newcomer to Node-RED and the forum, although I've been coding since the days of Babbage (well, it seems like it :wink:). I am impressed by the good-natured tolerance of newbies with simple questions, and the willingness to make the effort to translate non-English posts. There's more than one forum I've been on where both of those are met with a less than friendly welcome.

Thank you to all who contribute.

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