Geo Fences in World Map

Hi everyone, I'm working with worldmap and geofences, is there any way to generate geofences in worldmap and get a reply from the map if my marker is inside or outside the geofence without using the Geofence node/module?
Any reply is welcome, thanks

Short answer no. But the worldmap does have a drawing layer so you can draw the geofence and that gets passed to the backend... you then need to test if the marker is inside it or not using some node or code.

Thanks, that's what I suspected, i've seen that the worldmap has his output, and wanted to know if somehow gives some when marker is out or in from the drawing, thanks for the reply

Yes, the output node has quite a few events including adding points, moving points, drawing., deleting , etc

i'm using tile38 for geofence enter/exit detection. i set webhooks in tile38 with geofence data from worldmap once with http request, and then i feed updated points continously. when an enter/exit event occurs in tile38, it calls node-red back.

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