Get RGB Light to previous state after color change (Homeassistant)


I put a litte photo resistor in my Alexa Echo dot so when the light ring lights up an esp8266 detects that and triggers a binary_sensor. With that information I power on/off an LED Strip (Because I sometimes I don’t see the ring on the echo dot and it’s kind of a cool effect).

So the ring is lightning up for around 3 seconds or something and then it should go back to the state it was before it was turned on by the Alexa binary_sensor (for example some color fading etc.). How do I achieve this?

Here’s a screenshot of the flow with the compelte .msg on the right.

thanks a lot

Try trigger node to not send anything at first and then send payload to reset RGB after required period.

Get the current values, store them as properties of a flow variable, change to the color you want to use as your alert, wait the time you desire, set the color to your previously stored values, then delete the stored flow variable.