Getting a disconnected message on Web Apps

I've built a Web Apps site using Node RED Docker in Microsoft Azure, but I'm frequently getting a disconnected message. Any ideas on how to fix this? Node RED is using the latest image of nodered/node-red on Docker Hub.

you have provided too little information. Are you using dashboard? do you have graphs on it? does it auto recover? how long? have you looked in devtools for errors? are you on mobile data or wifi? how many people connect? Does it happen all the time or only when more people are viewing? Does it happen at a regular times / frequently / randomly? How long between each disconnect? Does it happen straight after starting node-red or after several hours? Does the issue stop for a while if the browser is refreshed? etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

People is my own. And I connect a CATV.. disconnection is occurred every some minutes. and of course, after refreshed,This issue not stop.

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