Getting Bin Collection information from Local Council Website for 'Bindicator'

Hello, (First Post here!),

I've seen a few topics similar to this but none have helped figure out my problem, and I'm pretty new to Node-RED.

I'm trying to access the bin collection information from my local council website using a http request, however the first page of the website asked for a number and post code, and when submitted it then shows the information, but the URL doesn't change. I need Node-RED to access the website, provide the information (no. & Post code) then return the bin information. I feel pretty close but also a million miles away.......

The local council website is:
and a generic post code is S70 6BZ.

They've made it very hard. You might be able to discover a method if you install something that can intercept the form submission but there is no simple way.

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