NOOB, help getting info from site

Is it possible to use nodered to get my bin schedule from my councils website.
I have to enter my post code and then pick my address to get the relevent info, so is their a way around this. Should anyone wish to try this, OL1 2AY is an example postcode (its not mine).


check out this similar help I gave someone recently

NOTE: watching the various responses in the devtools network tab (as I enter the postcode and pick an address) - this URL (i copied from the network tab) gives you something like you want

you would put that URL in a HTTP request then feed the result through a HTML node to pick out the parts of interest.

Note however, that uprn number likely changes on a weeky basis - so you may have to automate the whole process of requesting the first URL, capturing the values, generating a 2nd URL and so on.

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