How to turn content of a webpage into useable data with http-request node?

I Have a Weather report webpage , I want to use some useful contents(Data) of that webpage into my notification. For that I tried using http request but it i will not showing any weather data .

Is this weather report web page your own? Where does it get it's data. Can't you simply use the data it gets?

Show us your flow and your attempt to make this work & we can then have a chance of helping you

Ps, why is your thread title all LOUD AND SHOUTY?

Dear Sir,
Weather report is not my own. I just took one example. Currently if you see a website like which gives details like corona cases in india and if i want to use that data to some notification purpose using node red. How could i do that please help. For your Reference see below my flow,
My flow is INJECT - http request - msg.payload
I have copied above URL into http request URL and When i press inject it showing me all many things but i want middle portion only , which give me actual detail of corona cases in India

There are nodes and flows available to retrieve the corona related data. No need to reinvent the wheel.

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