Getting data from world map to find a collection of similar places nearby


hello. my name is mohamed aziz.
i'm new to node red so please forgive my ignorance.
i'm trying to create a project for raspberry pie that mesures oxygen level in blood.
if a case of respiratory distress arises, an alram goes on, calls emergency and gives tips
to the person that turns it off on how to handle the situation.
the interface has a button wich turns off the alarm, a map with current location and a route
for the nearest health facility.
im using node-red-contrib-web-worldmap for the map.
in the map there is a white '+' sign surrounded with a red circle or something like that :).
i want to know if there is a way to extract geographic data of all buildings with that icon within
a given area to pinpoint the nearest one.
and thanks in advance.



right now the search within the map only searches on the name of a marker (or a part of the name). Also by default is searches the whole of the map. If the map is locked to a certain area then it only searches within that area. So if there was some way to ensure all of them had at least a few characters the same then it could work.

The search is just a name match - it would not do the distance calculation for you.

Also there is also no route planning so it won't show the route to the point without you doing some calculations yourself.

However - the recently added "button" capability would allow you to add a "help" button or whatever you want to call it and this could be used to trigger the backend to perform a function to do those calculations for you. Presumably all the relevant buildings are already located in some data structure or database (so that you can plat them on the map in the first place - so when you get a request you could do the necessary calculations before returning the answer to the map.



Hello dceejay.
Thank you for your reply.
Let's suppose i do have all the heath facilities names and locations inside a database.
And let's suppose i already have the nearest one's location.
How do i feed the map search with the name.
And thanks again.



From within the map (top right menu icon search) ? Or remote.(as per readme) ?