Getting Font Awesome Icons for Served HTML Files

I am trying to serve some basic HTML files with Font Awesome icons in them. When I setup Node Red to serve the file as an HTTP response, the icons don't appear.

I know this has something to do with the render engine of Node Red, but is there any way to somehow pre-render or pre-cache the icons and serve them as an HTTP response?

Bellow is what it currently looks like:


...and this is what it should look like:


When I open the file directly, the icons appear just fine.

I am purposely avoiding using any of the native dashboard nodes because I need specific HTML in places that wasn't compatible with the native dashboard or the UI Builder node.


I figured it out using the Chrome developer tool.

It was another hosting problem. A CSS file was pointing to an icon set that wasn't being hosted. Once I made those files available, everything worked fine.

Problem solved!

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