Getting session of TCP Connection without direct connection to the node

Hello, I am fairly new to node-red and I have run into an issue. So I have a TCP connection that sends nothing until it has received an initiation message, then it will begin sending constantly and won't need other messages.

So it's a basic TCP IN connection except for that start message. Problem is, I cannot trigger the sending cause after I establish a TCP connection it sends nothing and therefore won't trigger other nodes. I set up a status node that triggers a function node which then is connected to a TCP out with a reply, however, I do not know how to provide the function node with the proper TCP session. Does anyone know how this can be achieved?

Maybe a tcp-request node set to never close the session ?
If you are listening for a connection instead, then I don't think you need to use the exact session as by default any message should get sent to all sessions.

This sadly does not work, if I use a tcp request node it gets an error with failed to connect, but a normal tcp in node establishes a connection perfectly fine. However as soon as I trigger any reply it seems to disconnect me

It may be worth stating that my goal here is to emulate an ssl socket connection

Interestingly, I see now that it fails to connect when I send a message cause of "TLS handshake failed: handshake failed: wrong version number", is there a way I can set the tls version for node red to use? It should be 1.2

So I made a script instead to make the connection instead of node red and I think I know what the issue is, the tcp connection must also use ssl, I cannot see any way in node red to set my tcp nodes to use ssl but maybe I am missing something?

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