GitHub Authentication Callback URL?

Trying to configure the GitHub Authentication for the NodeRED Admin UI.

In settings I have:

adminAuth: require("node-red-auth-github")({
    clientID: process.env.GITHUB_CLIENT_ID,
    clientSecret: process.env.GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET,
    baseURL: process.env.BASE_URL,
    users: [
      { username: "leo", permissions: ["*"] },
      { username: "jonas", permissions: ["*"] },
      { username: "stwissel", permissions: ["*"] },

BASE_URL is set to http://localhost:1880/

In Github the callback URL is defined as:

The "Sign-in with GitHub" button shows, the github authentication dialogue shows up, but then I end back at the login page.

What do I miss?

I did a second test:
configured in settings.js httpAdminRoot: "/admin" and set the callback to
http://localhost:1880/admin/auth/strategy/callback -> just got an 404

Help is appreciated

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