Setting up node-red-auth-github

I am trying to follow the instructions at, but I am unclear on one thing - when I register the new application with github I am not sure what to put in the "Authorization callback URL". I have set things up so that my node red instance is available at my-sitedotcom/admin, and the dashboard is at my-sitedotcom/ui

I think I understand the rest of it, just that one thing is unclear.

The callback URL in any modern authentication scheme generally refers to where you want to end up after authentication is completed.

Quite often it doesn't matter what you put in since your app is taking care of it anyway. You could try putting in https://localhost to see what happens and whether you actually need it.

If you are relying on the authentication, especially over the Internet, don't forget to verify that it is actually working and don't forget to test websockets as well as the web interfaces.

I know this is a rather old thread now but I thought I'd share my answer for anyone else that searches for it.

Short answer:

It is actually crucial to get it right because if the app (node-red) provides a different callback address to what is listed in GitHub then it rejects the request.

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Thanks! Good to finally get an actual answer. I have, since that time, given up on using github auth and just gone to plain ol' password auth, which is working fine for my needs.

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