Is it possible to change the callback url?

in case OAuth/OpenID based authentication is used a callback url is required.
in the "securing Node-Red" section the following is described:
The callbackURL used by a strategy is where the authentication provider will redirect to following an auth attempt. It must be the URL of your Node-RED editor with /auth/strategy/callback added to the path. For example, if you access the editor at http://localhost:1880 , you would use http://localhost:1880/auth/strategy/callback

Unfortunately I have to integrate with a system that only allows a limited set of callback urls. For instance 'auth/strategy/callback' is not allowed but 'callback' is. Is it possible to change the callback url path in NodeRed?.

I don't think it is but Nick might need to weigh in to be sure.

The other thing you could do would be to use a proxy to forward a /callaback path to /auth/strategy/callback.

Alternatively, don't do OAuth in node-red, do it at the proxy level instead.

Also, I'm not entirely certain whether some OAuth services will let you return to a non-TLS endpoint? Another advantage of using a proxy (as long as it is either on the same device or on the same but secure network) is that you don't need to worry about putting TLS overheads onto Node-RED and can leave them at the proxy which typically will handle them more efficiently.

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