Global Var in JSON

I would like to replace the injection nodes with a slider. To do this, I created a global variable “Slider”. How can I replace this with the fixed number 50 in JSON?

I wanted to change this:


to this:

"brightness": global.get("Slider"),
"turn": "on"

But it doesn´t work

Change from static JSON to "expression" which uses JSONata. Then you can use the $globalContext function. The rest of your JSON can stay the same.

Far easier and cleaner to simply add another row to the inject node IMO

You aren't setting a global context variable solely to get the output of your slider into json format for passing to the Shelly are you?
If so, here is an alternative approach:


Thanks for the quick responses! All 3 solutions work. In this use case I really just want to control the Shelly, but I also wanted to know how to assign global variables variably. Thank you very much!

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