Going beyond Node-RED 1.x

We've just published a new post to the Node-RED blog, that will be of interest to you all.

It describes how we plan to approach future releases of Node-RED, how that relates to Node.js releases, and when you can expect a Node-RED 2.x release.


This may be a question that is covered elsewhere, but... What is the philosophy/strategy around which node.js version is used in the container versions of Node-RED?

I believe it is currently using node.js 10.21.0, but I assume it will need to move to 12.x sometime before 4/2021?

Good question - something we need to formalise.

We currently build both 10 and 12 based images, but the default you get if you don't specify a tag is the 10-based image.

We won't change that default for the same reasons we wouldn't drop node 8/10 support without a major version change - it's a major dependency change.


Thanks, and that makes perfect sense.

You know... I'm so quick to just go to "latest" that I didn't even notice there is a "latest-12". Thanks for pointing that out to me! Should have RTFMed as it is all well documented here:

At what point will there be Node 14 based images? After it goes "active" this fall?

Also, will there be any 1.x Node 14 based containers, or just starting with the 2.0 chain?

At the point someone generates them ? Once we have mopped up after the core 1.1, and it’s knock on effects maybe, or someone else volunteers. And yes most likely when active, though we do have a node-red-dev on dockerhub for trying things


There's no reason not to add 14 today. Just needs someone to do the work rather than the other things on the to-do list.

If anyone wants to raise a PR on the repo to add 14 builds, that would be welcome. Just remember to update the readme as well.

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(Against the node-red-docker dev branch first so people can test first etc)

No dev branch in the node-red-docker repo.... can go straight to master.

eh ? yes there is.... that's what it's there for isn't it ?

Oops - you are right. Didn't have it checked out on this machine.

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