Google blinds, nora openPercent works but close/open blinds command doesn't

Ive set up a sequence to open and close my bedroom blinds, all works fine if i use the inject node. I would like to use nora so i can use google to open and close them. When debugging the blinds node

if i say "hey google, open blinds by 40%" it works and i get

msg.payload : Object
{ openPercent: 40 }

but when i say "hey google, open blinds" i get nothing. Same with close blinds. I've read numerous posts about nora and the google blinds and it seems everyone else is getting 100% and 0% on these commands. Is there something obvious i've missed?

Yes, you have

Provide more details. What node have you tried (provide name and link)? Export and Share your flow and an image of it. In the documentation there are instructions how to

Apologies, first post on the forum. Though I didn't post the flow because the error seems to lie in the first node in the sequence, the nora node.

Looking a little more into it, i suspect its going to require some traits? written into the description, though this is a little above me and i'll have to do some more reading. It definitely understands the command of open and close, just gives nothing from it in the msg payload, no true/false or percent number.


Ive found a solution, not quite what i wanted but it works. All just in the way its being asked.

Rather than "Hey google open bedroom blinds" you have to say
"Hey google, fully open bedroom blinds" and it gives you a result of 100.

if you say Shut, rather than close, gives you 0.

bit annoying, was thinking it could maybe be resolved in node red but it looks like its just a google issues.

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