NORA second garage door not recognized

I just set up NORA in Node-RED. I have two identical flows for two garage doors differing only in the MQTT topic.

Both doors, Door A and Door B, appear in the Google Home app. I can control Door A as expected being able to open and close it and ask whether it is open or closed.

However the Google Home app does not seem to recognize Door B. When I say “Hey Google open Door B” the app gives me a list of search results for “open door”.

No matter what I name the doors the second door is never recognized by the Google Home app commands.

I am stymied. Suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you.

Hmmm. It looks like I overcame the problem. In the Google Home app you can give a device a nickname. I called Door A "Door A" and Door B "Door B" and now commands to both doors are recognized.

Or it may have had something to do with doing a long press on the microphone then the compass icon - not sure what that does.

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