NORA switch is not shown in Google Home

Hi All,
I have a weird situation with my NORA First and Only Switch I have setup till now.
This is my settings:

I have setup the account and got the Token - installed the component in Node RED and was able to create my NORA Switch. I have set everything up that way it will have the Room hint and it will be easy for me to find it.

But, The problem I have is that - I can find it in my Google Home account when I search for Rooms but I can't find it to be able to control it with a GUI>

I will explain - When I ask Google to turn it ON or OFF it works just fine. As well as if I search the room, Where I put it, I can see the Device counted there and also see the name I gave it.

Problem Starts when I go to HOME in my Google account and search for it in order to be able to control it using the GUI of a Switch - I can NOT find it at all.
I have the ability to control the device using voice command BUT I can't control it using the GUI - I don't see the GUI at all.

I have updated my Google Home to the latest version - revoked the token several times and also removed permissions from my Gmail account to re-enable it again with no luck at all. I have removed the NORA account several times and still Nothing shows up in the GUI - But it can be controlled using Voice Command with my Google assistant on my Devices at home.

I would be happy to have your assistant on that.

Thanks you!

My guess would be because you didn't give it a Name. That last field sets the name in Google Home.

Well, I have that setting setup and it did not show as well.. that is why I marked it with a Question Mark. I have tried several settings and with no luck at all. I am able to control the device BUT no GUI on my side. I would be happy if someone can assist me with that.

  • Is there anything wrong with the following settings?
Your devices/state
  "": {
    "devices": {
      "48cf0cdb.744234": {
        "type": "switch",
        "name": "Humidifier",
        "roomHint": "Hallway",
        "state": {
          "on": true,
          "online": true
    "localExecution": false

Hope to be able to use it with my Google Home.


Here is what I have in my Google Home App under Hallway Room:

The Humidifier is there - BUT I can't see anything in my GUI.

I'm guessing from your image that you use IOS? Since you can see/control it the backend appears to be working.. I'm on android so haven't played with the IOS version. Maybe try uninstalling/reinstalling the app.

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