Google Calendar In node - redirect uri?

The redirect uri in the Google credentials node is documented as "". Does this need to be changed to https? I got an email from Google saying that the project will be removed if the uri is not compliant. The only thing that I could find on their website was that "http" redirect uri is not compliant and it needs to be https.

Thanks for your help.

UPDATE: I changed the uri on my Google developer site to https://. However, the authentication fails with "Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch - The redirect URI in the request,, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. ". Any chance that will be fixed or is there a workaround?

The workaround to this issue is to either move the status of the project back to "testing" or leave it in "testing". Once I did that, I was able to change the uri back to http://.

Unfortunately, this did not correct the issue. I cannot "re-authenicate" with Google. I have deleted the google credentials config and tried to recreate it but I get an error when Google tries to authenticate the callback .

I have made the hosts entry and when I type in, I do get the Node-RED UI.

UPDATE: I forgot that I had to do the URI authentication step from the computer that NR is running on. Once I did that (and the status of the project was "Testing"), everything worked.

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