Google calendar configuration


My setup is following: Raspberry Pi 3b+ runnin node-red, and Android tablet as UI device.

I have tried to configure Google -node to get calendar events shown, but I am having hard time with it. I already created a project to Google cloud platform and created credentials, but the node is telling me following:

It appears you are running on a private IP address that the Google service cannot reach. Please configure the authorized Redirect URIs of your app to include the following url:


You will need to edit your hosts file and add an entry for that points to .

You also need to enable the Google+ API for your new project in the Google Developers Console.

I already added the URI to google cloud service, but I am guessing that the hosts file is the problem.

Should I add the line to raspberry's hosts, or the device's hosts that is running dashboard? Or is it enough to set it to my laptop's hosts where I am configuring the node, and exactly in which format?

Now I have added this line to my laptops hosts file, but no change whatsoever:

I didn't find any tutorial or example of the configurations.

Help would be appreciated,


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