Create and update Google Calendar events using node-red

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to create and update events in the Google Calendar using the node-red-contrib-google node.
Here is a Link to the Node:

The goal is to create events and automatically update the color of those events.
The flow I am using is shown in the attached screenshot.

I am always getting an the following error message from the node-red-contrib-google node:
"TypeError: Cannot read property 'getAuth' of null"

I have some screenshots attached of my configuration of this node-red-contrib-google node, however I don't think this is were the problem is.

Does anyone have experience with this error message or knows how to solve this issue?
Thank you very much in regard.

You asked this yesterday. Node-google update calendar event

Please don't create duplicate threads for the same issue, if you want to add more information please do it in your original thread.

I'm sorry, I stopped working with the nodes I have used yesterday and tried doing it differently.
I therefore assumed a new thread would be adequate.

Sorry, this appears to be a different issue and so should have a different thread?

Do you have 2FA turned on for your Google account?

And if you don;t - you should !!!

You will probably find that being a "new" device to Google that you will need to generate a Device/Application password (sort of like an encrypted key that can be embedded)

Here is a link for how to do this


I have just looked at the node you are using - it looks like it is focused on the Google API endpoints for their services (Cloud etc) rather than use within things such as Calendar, sheets, Docs and the like - are you sure it is the right node for the job ? I may be wrong but when i looked at the APIs (for instance for Sheets - there were very few available


I would have thought this one would have been better ??


Does this require a Gsuite account? i'm having some issues getting set up, and an error saying i'm using a private ip address and my app needs a redirect URI...
I have the Oauth token and secret but i cant get nodered to press OK to input them