Google Calendar

How create events in google calendar using the node-red?
I make the download of the nodes from the google calendar and already have the credentials of google calendar.

what Node are you using?
What have you tried?
Are you getting an error??

If you are using the google calendar nodes in node-red-node-google. The info panel for the node describes the msg properties you need to set.

If you are having difficulties I would check you can read a calendar event.

If you can't check you have enabled the Google plus api as well as the calendar apis (see pre-requisites in the Read Me)

I'm using the bluemix app and made the dowload of a google calendar Node. The credentials are ok cuz already show my name in google calendar output node. But I dont know how the format of my msg.payload to create the event in the calendar.

Then look at the Info panel and follow the links, you have two options
either a string in quick format
or an object containing the parameters as per the link

There are two links to google pages that explain the formats

When i try to send the payload i get this error

At a guess, the clue is in the error message. You are trying to create a standard entry which should have a duration (hence times not just dates). I would also guess that if you want to create an all-day entry, you are missing a flag of some kind.

Now worked. Thanks you all!!!

I tryed this but I cannot create events from node red on my calendar, I can only read events. Could you please explain to me your process