Google calendar events

I want to create events on my calendar via NodeRed, I used node-red-contrib-google-oauth-calendar

here is my function code, but it didn't work I can only read my calendar events not add event.
there is another way to create events on my calendar?

msg.payload =
description: "event test",
start: {dateTime: "2018-08-15T15:00:00-03:00"},
end: {dateTime: "2018-08-15T16:00:00-03:00"},
attendees: [
email: "", displayName: "name "
summary: "It's Working"
return msg;

Hi, i have not used that node but looking at the picture, you are sending a payload to a node called "List upcoming events" - my guess is that node does not support creation of events.

Where did you get the sample code from? Perhaps there is more info in that post/document?

I found an exemple in this forum.
Yes I guess this nodes is only for display events.
How can we add events ? after all, there is really a possibility to add events to google calender via node red ?

My answer is the same I'm afraid...

It looks like you might have mixed up some things?

  1. That code you pasted in the first post is the result returned from google (not an instruction to insert a new calendar event)
  2. I suspect you are using the wrong node since the code sample you have shown is quite similar to results retuned from the calendar in node in node-red-node-google

According to node-red-node-google readme...

Calendar out

Create an entry in a Google Calendar.

The incoming message can provide the following properties:

  • payload - either a string to describe the event using quick add format or an object representing the request body for an insert request
  • calendar - the calendar to add the event to (optional, defaults to the node calendar property or the users primary calendar)
  • sendNotifications - a boolean to determine if notifications should be sent to attendees (optional, defaults to false)

they say that node-red-node-google don't work anymore. I don't know what to do

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