Help setting up node-red-contrib-google-oauth-calendar

Hi. I'm totally new to node-red, and I wanted to use it in order to retrieve data from my google calendar, in particular the event of my work shift of the next day. I've read that some nodes are based on Google+ APIs and they doesn't work anymore, so I'm currently trying to use node-red-contrib-google-oauth-calendar. I've followed the guide to create the credentials in the google apis developers console (api for google calendar type oauth 2.0 - Tv and other devices), and finally I've followed the guide to insert the credentials in the node "list upcoming events", but the Calendar IDs tab remains empty. What I'm doing wrong? Please help me...

Hi Topolynx,

maybe we have the same problem but i only want to get the events from my calendar.
Do you get any answer from you google account?

Do you can see something in the debug-window?
Put a debug node on the output from the calendar node and have a look in the debug window
maybe you can post a screenshot what information do you get from google.

Hi, How do you get so far? After I loaded the client_secret.json, I click on "Open Google Authentication" and nothing happens....
Tried it in Chrome / Chromium / Firefox.
What am I missing?

Hi guys, sorry for my late reply, I had time to spend with node red only today, said I've started tweaking with my raspberry pi from scratch (I've switched to Twister OS).
I've followed the installation instructions here with the bash curl method, then I've installed node-red-contrib-google-oauth-calendar within the Red Node's web interface (via the palette management). Then, I've followed the instructions at the github page of the package, meaning that I've placed into the workspace both the "List upcoming events" and "List events on day" nodes, and then I've configured the credentials as described at the mentioned github page. Once finished the authentication process, I've closed the tab and I've deployed the flows: finally my calendars have appeared in the "Calendar IDs" list. Then I chose my workshift calendar from that list and added it with the "+" button. For the "List upcoming events" I've set 1 event, max timespan 24 hours, refresh 300 seconds. For the "List events on day" - that IS my target, I've only set "Days offset end" to 1, according to the author's explanation, so the node will fetch the events of tomorrow. Note that a refresh interval set to 0 will not pull events.
Now the nodes are working. Hope that you'll manage to get them working too :slight_smile:

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