Using Google Calendar node - authorisation not working


I'm trying to use Google Calendar node to access calendar (to display incoming events etc).
Unfortunately, I'm unable to authorize. I've tried:

  • using different google accounts (one with 2FA and one without it)
  • using different machines running NR (local PC and RPi)

I'm always getting message Authorised - you can close this window and return to Node-RED in the end but when returned to NR editor, Google Calendar node shows only Add new google-credentials... on the list of accounts, so auth info is not stored preventing me from using that node.

Any clue?


Get events from google calendar

Hmm, no one is using Google nodes? Or no one is having issues with it and I'm The One?



Those are my steps - as per link with instructions:

  2. To acquire OAuth 2.0 credentials for authorized access, do the following:
    Open the Credentials page in the API Console.
  4. Create credentials blue dropdown
  5. OAuth Client ID
  6. Web application
  7. fill fields:
  • name -> test name
  • Authorized redirect URIs -> [enter]
  1. popup will appear with Here is your client ID and Here is your client secret which I enter to Google Calendar node (copy/paste through Notepad to remove extra spaces/new lines added by this dialog)
  2. Then browser asks me to let me leave the page (as credentials are not stored in the node so NR marks the flow as changed preventing from accidental page closing)
  3. Google account picker screen appears
  4. wants to access your Google account -> Allow
  5. back to with plain text Authorised - you can close this window and return to Node-RED
  6. Opening (or, doesn't matter), adding Google Calendar node (which was removed as it was not stored), the list of stored credentials is empty, can't use that node.


You don’t say if you have actually enabled the API as per the nodes ReadMe



Google+ API? Yes. With API disabled there is no Authorised success message in step 12.



It's also enabled.