Google oauth2 doesn't work

Dear all,

I'll try to make a flow with my google calendar. I have some trouble with the oauth2.
When i open the "goolge calendar"-Flow i'll get a Notice witch contains this message:

"appears you are running on a private IP address that the Google service cannot reach. Please configure the authorized Redirect URIs of your app to include the following url:
You will need to edit your hosts file and add an entry for that points to .

You also need to enable the Google+ API for your new project in the Google Developers Console."

My Node-red runs normaly on a Raspi and i don't know what i have to configure, that i can do the point to my local adress.

I have do all the stuff on the Goolge API side. So i got a oauth-Token and have this one configured with "localhost"

Any help for me?

Thank you